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[Join] "Classic Car" to create a lifestyle together with you!

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The classic car's products adhere to the artistic tradition of Italian leather shoes, adhere to the high-end, stylish and individual brand management philosophy, and have always advocated the "exquisite philosophy" of exquisiteness, quality and comfort. In addition to its product design by Italian professional designers, It also uses high-grade, high-quality natural leather as the raw material, and in each manufacturing process, it has been carefully crafted by experienced manufacturing experts, and carefully crafted to ensure the unique top quality of classic cars. Classic car leather shoes target the target consumer group in urban fashion life 25-45 years old men and women, white-collar workers, civil servants, financiers, entrepreneurs, lecturers, doctors, arts and other high-end consumer groups. In addition to cultural color, classic cars also pay special attention to the design of business strategies to expand the international market. After the world ’s first flagship store opened in Naples, nowadays, no matter in Milan, London, Osaka or New York, there are sci-fi classic car stores everywhere.

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"Classic cars" work with you to create a lifestyle! ,, Guangzhou Kangchao Shoes & Garments Co., Ltd., Join, Supply and demand information, China Shoes Net

"Classic cars" work with you to create a lifestyle! ,, brand shoes join, brand shoes investment, Guangzhou Kangchao Shoes & Garments Co., Ltd.